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Heng'S Emperor Chicken Herbs And Spices 50G

Heng'S Emperor Chicken Herbs And Spices 50G

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Emperor Chicken is a delicate dish in Asia that its recipes are easy and its preparation, the harmony of selected fresh herbs and spices that lets out the original Asian taste of Chicken. Chicken Herbs & Spices from Heng’s is a perfect seasoning and coating for your Asian chicken Dishes and it brings out the fragrant and flavorful aroma of Chicken with Herbs that gives dishes a more delicious taste. Experiencing an authentic taste of Chicken and real herbs and spices combined in these seasoning. You will be sure to enjoy this authentic flavor with your family and friends!

Cooking Method:

1. Open up the wrappers.

2. Coat the chicken with Heng's Emperor Chicken Spices.

3. Add red dates & wolfberries.

4. Wrap up with plastic & aluminum wrappers.

5. Steam it for 1.5hours.

6. Dish up & serve it!


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