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Heng'S Prawn Flavour Fried Chicken Mix 50G

Heng'S Prawn Flavour Fried Chicken Mix 50G

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Level up your fried chicken into authentic Asian taste! Heng’s Fried Chicken Mix is not your typical coating for your fried chicken. It has the aroma and fragrance of Prawns that are coated up to your chicken to boost flavor and enhance the taste that goes well with the chicken! It is also No MSG added. Try something new to your fried chicken today!

Cooking Method:

1. Coat the chicken with Heng's Prawn Flavour Fried Chicken Mix.

2. Cover with cling wrap.

3. Marinate for 30 minutes.

4. Heat up the oil and fry it till golden brown.

5. Drain and dish up & serve it!


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